RUPA Mission & Objectives

To collectively develop and promote the best possible professional standards and conditions for its members, and the growth of rugby.

In order to achieve this, RUPA endeavours:

  • to provide its Members with an Association dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the sport of Rugby Union;
  • to promote and protect the interests of all Members and to safeguard their rights at all times;
  • to strive for the improvement of economic and other conditions generally and to regulate and correct abuses relative thereto;
  • to secure and maintain freedom from unjust and unlawful rules and regulations affecting each Member's career in the sport of Rugby Union;
  • to assist Members in securing employment;
  • to assist Members in undertaking education and development opportunities;
  • to obtain benefits for all Members;
  • to provide a medium through which the Members may express their views on issues concerning their well-being;
  • to provide legal advice and legal assistance in defence of Member's rights where deemed necessary;
  • to publish an Association Newsletter;
  • to elect from time to time Members as directors on the Boards of Directors of the ARU, ACTRU, NSWRU, RU and WARU Board. rupa web  edm sponsors 2017.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1