BDO Backs Australia’s Professional Rugby Players

By Pete Fairbairn, 15.06.17

The Rugby Union Players’ Association (RUPA) are pleased to announce the signing of a major partnership with BDO Australia, who have become the players exclusive and official Accounting and Audit Partner until the end of 2019.

As part of this new relationship, Australia’s professional Rugby players will be able to access and leverage BDO’s expertise via financial health assessments, taxation advice and broader services to improve their off-field financial performance, with RUPA contributing to subsidise the fees for such services which are often a barrier for players in establishing good financial habits.

Importantly, BDO will also play a lead role in better educating players for their current and future financial demands, presenting at the annual Agent Accreditation Conference and Rookie Players Induction Camp.

Grant Saxon, Managing Partner, BDO in Sydney said the firm’s partners and staff will be working with Australia’s professional Rugby players to improve their financial health ‘off the field’.

“BDO will be working with individual players to provide them with financial health assessments and taxation advice to improve their off-field financial performance,” Mr Saxon said.

“BDO will have a hands-on role in educating players for their current and future financial demands. We will also be running our own financial training drills at the annual Agent Accreditation Conference and Rookie Players Induction Camp, to be held in Sydney this December.”

RUPA Chief Executive Ross Xenos thanked BDO for their support, and said that the firm would complement RUPA’s existing relationship with NAB Private in benefiting Australia’s professional Rugby players.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with BDO and NAB Private to re-invent and enhance our financial education programs and the support services we provide for all RUPA members,” Mr Xenos said.

“Not every player gets a million-dollar contract, but every player should have the opportunity to ensure that their financial affairs are well-managed and protected to provide themselves, and their families, with financial security during and beyond their time in Rugby.

“On almost every front, RUPA is challenging Australian Rugby to become an ecosystem that puts player wellbeing first. There is no substitute for expertise and giving players the skills and connections to best manage their financial health will help to reduce their stresses off the field.”

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Pete Fairbairn
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